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Bees for the forest

Our motto:

Bees pollinate the flowers: families harvest the honey and live in harmony with the forest  

We are actively engaged in “Meliponiculture,” characterized by the care of native Brazilian bees belonging to the families Meliponidae and Trigonidae.

The great advantage of these bees is that they do not have a stinger. They don’t sting, making it possible to set up hives around houses and collect honey without special clothing. All family members, from grandparents to grandchildren, can participate in this activity.

There are about 350 species of native bees in Brazil, most of them living in the Amazon Forest. The social life of most of them is still poorly known. Currently, we support projects for about 25 species of bees in 10 regions of Brazil.



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Our contribution consists of providing hives, training courses, and support for marketing bee products.

By allowing a renewed wield of natural resources, increased protection of forests, and financial support for families, this bee program contributes to sustainable development.


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