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Environmental awareness programs

Educating our new generations is the best way to preserve the environment…

Like the logo of Nordesta Reforestation & Education which combines the child, the tree and the bird, the quote welcoming visitors to our website summarizes all of our projects, whether environmental or educational.

Too many indicators show how urgent it is to change our way of thought and habits now. We can no longer get away with our intensive consuming of non-renewable energies and raw materials. The idea of sustainable development is more than a fashion, for the future of the planet is linked to our own.

The destiny of mankind is intrinsically linked to the destiny of our planet: recognizing this fact will allow us to change our habits. However, convincing everybody of the necessity of such a change will take time. Fortunately, children are more receptive than adults, because their lifestyles are less firmly fixed.

Educational programs for young people, organized by Nordesta Reforestation & Education in the form of manifestations, competitions, radio programs, expositions, or conferences in schools, are very successful.

Beyond the purely ecological aspect, these operations have an economical impact with the creation of lucrative activities such as our nurseries that stimulate employment while reforesting damaged areas.

These actions, and others just as concrete like the setting up of bakeries, schools, sewing, carpentry, or screen process printing workshops, are all part of a sustainable development program in which the help given to local populations serves only as an economical and social springboard: later, the locals must take control of these programs created by Nordesta and make them viable.

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