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Biodiversity, or diversity of life, includes all animal and plant species on earth and in the oceans. It affects not only people but also living organisms and ecosystems. Human beings are part of these systems. The preservation of nature and biodiversity has become one of the main concerns of modern life. We now know that all living things are interconnected; one thing depends upon another in the fabric of life.

The disappearance of an animal or plant species has a direct affect on other living organisms, which are connected to it. Today, humans are largely responsible for the disruption of nature’s equilibrium. By destroying prairies and forests, and drying out swamps and wetlands, we damage the homes of many animal and plant species.

Pollution is another major factor in the disappearance of species because it destroys natural places and poisons living organisms. The use of pesticides disrupts nature’s equilibrium. While wanting to kill hundreds of harmful insects with chemical products, we also kill insects like bees. Bees are at the base of our food consumption as they gather pollen and ensure the reproduction of plants. The survival of the human species depends upon the survival of biodiversity, of which it is part. Each one of us is responsible for reducing pollution, respecting all plant and animal species and ensuring their survival.

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