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Agroforestry is developing so well that many small farmer families have joined us or are on the waiting list for an allotment. The work started with a pilot project of 50 families and continues with 50 new families.

Le terrain appartient à notre association et le projet, initié il y a trois ans, consiste à prêter gratuitement, à vie, un lotissement aux familles sans terre, désireuses de planter leur propre nourriture.
La tradition locale consiste à ce que la Mairie loue un terrain à un grand propriétaire pour le mettre à la disposition d’agriculteurs sans terres. Cependant, cette situation est précaire car les familles n’ont aucune sécurité ni vision sur l’avenir. Le propriétaire ou le maire peuvent changer d’avis à tout moment, ce qui entraîne l’interruption du projet. Pour cette raison notre association à acquis ce terrain.

Preparation of the land for future plantations. The work is done manually, and the farmers do not use insecticides or fires for the clearing.

The plan is to build a small tool shed for each family.

Initially, families prioritized seasonal market gardening to avoid the risks associated with intense droughts that can occur at any time and last for several months.

Fortunately, no severe drought has occurred in the last three years, and crops have been abundant. These vegetables were very popular during the year of the pandemic, as shipments from neighboring states were completely cut off.

This pilot project was implemented in Quebrangulo, Alagoas, on the edge of the Biological Reserve of Pedra Talhada, and we hope it can spread to nearby villages.

“Planter local, manger local” revêt un grand avantage en ces temps de pandémie et contribue significativement à la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.

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