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The project concerns all animals, whether wild or domestic abandoned, injured or maltreated. Our action takes place in the municipality of Quebrangulo, state of Alagoas, northeastern region of Brazil.

After saving the forest, which became a Federal Reserve in 1989, and built several schools, we would now like to commit ourselves to the protection of animals. We have already welcomed some animals, housed in temporary structures.

The immediate objectives are to ensure food and care, as well as the improvement of reception facilities by building shelters and living areas.

Medium and long term objectives: Raise awareness among the population and particularly among schoolchildren about animal suffering. Information of the role that animals play in our lives, whether wild or domestic. Organizations of media campaigns: conferences, postings, social media message and media disclosure. The municipality of Quebrangulo will become a pilot place without abandoned or abused animals, without poaching and bird cages.

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