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Water for my village

There are many different ways to preserve a spring or to make water gush out of its dried up source. The most important action consists in planting trees above and around the spring.

When a spring is situated near a populated area, it is usually necessary to protect it against all kinds of pollutions, such as washing powder, domestic waste, or the trampling of cattle. In order to do this, the spring must be isolated with a trellis or a fence.

In these cases, people gain access to the water lower down: a channel conducts the spring water to a cistern equipped with a faucet where every inhabitant can come and help himself.

To make sure a spring will last and increase its output every year, we plant a few thousand trees above the spring. Indeed, their roots will fix the earth and allow rainwater to better infiltrate the soil, feeding the phreatic layer.

This work we do to save springs is undertaken in many States of the North-Eastern region, as well as in the catchment basins of the big Araguaia, Parnaiba, São Francisco, and Rio Grande rivers.

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