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Water for my village

There are various ways to preserve a spring or to bring back water when it has dried up. The most crucial step is to plant trees upstream and around the spring.

When the spring is located in an area of human habitation, it is usually necessary to protect it from all kinds of pollution, such as washing powder, domestic waste, or trampling by livestock. For this purpose, we isolate the source utilizing a trellis or a fence.

The water is accessed further downstream: a pipeline leads the spring water to a cement cistern equipped with a faucet so each inhabitant can access it.

To ensure the spring’s sustainability and increase its output yearly, we are planting a few thousand trees upstream from the spring. By fixing the soil, roots allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground and feed the phreatic layer more effectively.

This work for the rescue of springs is undertaken in several states of the Northeast region, as well as in the watersheds of the great rivers Araguaia, Parnaiba, São Francisco, and Rio Grande.

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