In recent years, we have secured funds to construct several buildings and establish numerous craft workshops.

All the children attending our centers, daycares, or orphanages are experiencing complete or partial family breakdown. Without our assistance, the future of some of these children would be seriously compromised. Many of them are at risk of falling into delinquency and violence.

Several centers have been built in the states of Maranhão, Piauí, and Bahia. These centers are managed by Brazilian volunteers who dedicate all their time to finding ways to feed and clothe the children. They have too little time and resources left to acquire educational materials. In this area, we support them to the maximum extent because manual labor and cultural and sports activities are essential for children's development.

To date, Nordesta has built three new centers in the states of Bahia and Maranhão and supports three other centers in Alagoas (Cajueiro and Palmeiras dos Indios) and Maranhão.

Construction of schools in rural areas

Rural schools are built in response to frequent demands from the local population, concerned with enabling the literacy of its children, youth, and adults. However, these schools are often incredibly difficult to access as they are constructed in remote areas, far from cities and villages. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Find alternative energy sources for lighting as there is rarely electricity nearby.
  • Take advantage of this situation to raise awareness among students about renewable energy.
  • Secure funding for construction, development, and operation.

Municipalities rarely have a sufficient budget to build school buildings in these areas. Nordesta Reforestation and Education, therefore, strives to assist municipalities in need to finance the construction of schools, equip them, and provide them with solar-powered lighting. Many villages have already benefited from the association's support.

Educational and
Vocational Training

We aim to offer young people training that closely reflects the country's economic reality.

To prevent young individuals from leaving their native lands, hoping to find a better future in big cities, it is crucial that they have access to education and vocational training in their regions.

Having a good education is a top priority for any professional activity. Literacy and vocational training workshops such as carpentry, electricity, screen printing, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and horticulture are essential.

Awareness of the value of the environment and the need to preserve it goes hand in hand with education and vocational training. Investing in the education and environmental awareness of the younger generations is necessary to protect tropical forests and the environment in general.

Computer Workshops

Computer Workshops

Sewing Workshops

Sewing Workshops

Screen printing and
painting workshops

Screen printing and <br>painting workshops