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Anita Studer

Milestones in Anita Studer's life path

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Save a forest and turn it into a Federal Biological Reserve for Brazil

Since 1980, she has been actively involved in saving a forest in the northeast of Brazil. This forest represented the last survival of the Atlantic Rainforest that once extended over 6’000 km along the Brazilian coastline. In 1989 the Biological Reserve of Pedra Talhada was created by the Brazilian government. Since then, Anita Studer and the Nordesta Association have been partners in the management of the reserve with ICMBio, Instituto Chico Mendes da Biodiversidade.


Ph.D. thesis in tropical ornithological research – University of Nancy, France, 1995

D.E.S. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Environment – University of Nancy, France, 1983

Law degree (Bachelor) – University of Geneva 1974

Maturité Fédérale (BAC) – Collège du Soir, Geneva 1968

Activities for the environment

Program initiation: Rainwater harvesting from rooftops.
Program development: forest corridors, ecological agriculture and rescue of water sources.
Development and safeguarding of native bees in the Amazonian Forest.
Coordination of reforestation projects in Brazil, Cape Verde, Togo.
Preparing to plant the 6,000,000ème tree in Brazil.
Campaign for the protection of raptors and parrots in the Amazon.
Responsible for the "Solar Energy for Schools" project in Brazil.

Scientific activities

Inventories and mapping of 100 native tree species, georeferenced, State of Alagoas, Brazil.
Etudes éco-éthologiques des oiseaux brésiliens : Analyses comportementales pour l’établissement de stratégies de conservation.
Technical coordination of 15 tropical university research projects in the fields of pedology, hydrology, botany, mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles, gastropods, insects and birds.
Collaboration for drafting the guidelines of the Master Plan of the Biological Reserve of Pedra Talhada.

Associative activities

Creation of two women's football clubs in Quebrangulo, Alagoas, Brazil.
Creation of the association NORDESTA ANUMARA FLORESTAS in Quebrangulo, Alagoas, Brazil.
Organized support for two men's soccer clubs in Quebrangulo, Brazil.
Foundation of the young children's group "Advogados da Natureza", Quebrangulo
Creation and organization of the network "Eco-cultural caravans" in Brazil.
Creation of the "Youth for Nature" and "Women Citizens for the Environment" clubs, Alagoas, Brazil.
Organization of the program "The way to school for girls", Brazil.
International coordination of the Brazilian associations Pedra Talhada and Nordesta.
Creation of the association Nordesta Reforestation & Education in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Nancy, France.
Foundation of the ecological group "Ailes Ouvertes", Geneva, for promoting conferences on the flora and fauna of the Alps in Swiss and French schools.
Vice-President of the Association "Nature & Images" for the protection of the environment in Haute-Savoie, Scionzier, France.



In preparation: Raptors of Brazil : their behavior and survival strategies.
Studer, A., Nusbaumer, L. & Spichiger, R. , 2018. Biodiversity of the Biological Reserve of Pedra Talhada, States of Alagoas and Pernambuco, Brazil. Translation by Ed. Boissiera, vol 68, Geneva, 818 p.1/3 1994.
Studer, A., Nusbaumer, L. & Spichiger, R., 2015. Biodiversidade da Reserva Biológica de Pedra Talhada (Estados Alagoas/Pernambuco), Brasil. Ed. Boissiera, vol. 68, Geneva, 818 pp.

Scientific publications

Studer, A., Sousa, M. and Stoudmann, G. (2023) ‘The nest of the Scarlet-headed Blackbird Amblyramphus holosericeus in Brazil with notes on its breeding behavior’, Ornitología Neotropical, 34(2). doi:10.58843/ornneo.v34i2.1151.
Studer, A., & Crozariol, M. A. (2022). New breeding information on Brazilian birds. 1: Rheidae, Tinamidae, Anhimidae, Anatidae, Cracidae and Podicipedidae. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, 142(4). https://doi.org/10.25226/bboc.v142i4.2022.a4
Studer, A. & Crozariol, M.A., 2021. Breeding ecology of Rufous Casiornis Casiornis rufus in south-east Brazil. Bull. B.O.C. 2021 141 (2):169-178.
Studer, A., Ballarini, Y. & Marini, M., 2021. Breeding biology of Hooded Tanager Nemosia pileata in Brazil. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, 141(4).
Studer, A., Batista, L., Gomes, B.M.C. & Marini, M. A., 2021. Parental infanticide and cannibalism by the Red-legged Seriema Cariama cristata, The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 133(2), 354-358, (29 décembre 2021). https://doi.org/10.1676/21-00048.
Studer, A. & Crozariol, M.A., 2020. Biologia reprodotiva de Gubernetes yetapa (Passeriformes. Tyrannidae) no sudeste do Brasil. Atualidades Ornitológicas 218:4-8.
Studer, A., de Sousa Cardoso, M. & Barcena Goyena, B., 2019. Breeding biology and nesting success of the endemic Black-cheeked Gnateater Conopophaga melanops. Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment, Volume 54, 2019 - Issue 3.
Studer, A., de Sousa Cardoso, M. & Barcena Goyena, B., 2018. The breeding biology and nest success of the Short-tailed Antthrush Chamaeza campanisona (Aves: Formicariidae) in the Atlantic rainforest of northeastern Brazil. Zoologia 35.
Studer, A., de Sousa Cardoso, M. & Barcena Goyena, B., 2018. Description of the nest and notes on nestling feeding of Lesser Hornero, Furnarius minor (Passeriformes: Furnariidae) in a tributary of the Amazonian River, Brazil. Atualidades Ornitológicas 264.
Studer, A. & Barcena Goyena, B., 2018. Nesting biology of Squirrel Cuckoo Piaya cayana at two localities in eastern Brazil. Bull. B.O.C. 138 (3):228-243. https://doi.org/10.25226/bboc.v138i3.2018.a4
Studer, A., de Sousa Cardoso, M. & Barcena Goyena, B., 2017. Reproduction and nest success of the Scalloped Antbird Myrmoderus ruficauda (Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae), in an Atlantic rainforest of norheastern Brazil. Atualidades Ornitológicas,199: 33-35.
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Studer A. 1985. (15.05.1985 Rev 15.11.1985) Estudo Ecologico de Pedra Talhada (Serra das Guaribas e Serra do Calvaleiro). Pedido para a preservação desta floresta, dirigido a : Sua Excelência o Governador do Estado de Alagoas, Sr Divaldo Surguagy, Maceio e as Autoridades Municipais de Quebrangulo, Srs Frederico Maia e Marcelo Lima.
Studer, A., 1983. La redécouverte in natura de l'Icteridé Curaeus forbesi, Mémoire Université de Nancy.

Educational comic books

Studer A, Boroni S. & Albrecht M. 2019. Lili la Fourmi au secours de la Harpie Féroce. BD pédagogique. Ed. Nordesta Genève, 60 p. Français et Portugais.
Studer A., Boroni S. & Spitznagel N. 2017. Lili la Fourmi à la recherche de l’oiseau bleu. BD pédagogique. 2017. Ed. Nordesta Genève, 52 p. Français, Portugais. Allemand en 2019.
Studer, A., Boroni, S. & Spitznagel, N., 2016. Lily the Ant faces a monster...and the prowess of forest animals. Educational comic book. Ed. Nordesta Geneva, 52 p. French, English, German and Portuguese.
Studer, A., Boroni, S. & Spitznagel, N., 2015. Lili the Ant and the treasure of the Pedra Talhada forest. Educational comic book. Ed. Nordesta Geneva, 48 p. French, English, German and Portuguese.


Trapeliopsis studerae (2018 Lichen)
Eugenia studerae (2018 Plante Myrtaceae)
Dendrosophus studerae (2014 Amphibien)

Awards and distinctions

Celebrating 30 years of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Geneva
Honorary distinction from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonia, Manaus
Nomination of honorary citizen of the municipality of Boa Vista dos Ramos, Amazon State, Brazil
Honorary Professor of the University Foundation of Iguatama, FEVASF, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic.
Yves Rocher "Terre des Femmes" Award, Paris, France.
Medal "Nise Magalhães da Silveira" awarded by the Governor of the State of Alagoas, Brazil.
Honorary member of the CDPar "Center for the Conservation of the Springs of the Rio Parnaíba", Alto Parnaïba, State of Maranhão, Brazil.
Honorary citizen of the municipality of Quebrangulo, State of Alagoas, Brazil.
Honorary member of the Federal University of the State of Alagoas, Maceio, Brazil.
Rolex Award for Enterprise, Geneva.
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