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Solar energy to lighten schools

One of our goals for rural communities is to make their schools more functional. One way of doing this is to install photovoltaic plates to illuminate classrooms and make the study environment healthier and more enjoyable for students.

In rural areas, schools are often far from villages, and electrical lines do not exist. They have only one classroom and must function within several time slots – including late afternoons and evenings – to accommodate all the students. Without electricity, the evening students study under the glimmer of kerosene lamps that release noxious fumes and give poor lighting.

Solar Energy

In our ongoing study of sustainable environmental project opportunities, we value and apply solar energy as one of our primary long-term investments against global pollution.

Unlike fossil energies, the energy obtained from the sun is clean and renewable.

In this spirit, Nordesta continues to develop solar energy projects, most notably in the use of lighting systems for schools in areas without electricity.

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