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Silkscreen printing workshops

Silkscreen printing is an ancient technique that originates from Chinese antiquity. This printing technique, based on a silkscreen, is the most modern means of reproduction and can be applied to all types of materials (fabric, paper, Plexiglas, cardboard, etc.).

The training is easy to assimilate and does not require a high level of education nor a significant initial investment. Moreover, the educational, social, and economic benefits of such training are almost immediate.

In Brazil, a potential market allows young artisans trained in silkscreen printing to make a living from their craft due to various cultural, sporting, or political demonstrations.

Within the smallest Brazilian companies, employees always wear shirts bearing the logo of their firm. Similarly, each political election creates a whirlwind of merchandise such as banners, flags, shirts, and caps with slogans and logos bearing the names of the respective candidates.

Nordesta Reforestation & Education wishes to offer training to young people that understand and closely reflect the country’s economic reality. Through our numerous workshops, many can acquire the skills needed to contribute to this part of the Brazilian economy.

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