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Sewing workshops

Nordesta Reforestation & Education wishes to offer young people training that reflects the country’s economic reality as closely as possible. Through these workshops, the young people acquire professional training in sewing, silkscreen printing, painting, modeling, wood carving, and other activities.

Once a sewing workshop is funded, its creation is almost immediate because the logistics are easy to set up. This system allows a rapid application of the newly acquired skills by those participating in the workshops.

Sewing is an activity that perfectly supports our socio-professional program for women and low-income families. The participants (mainly single mothers) acquire a professional skill that will help them find a job and/or earn a regular income on their own by selling their products at local markets. These workshops have proven that this professional training is fulfilling for the beneficiaries on a personal, social, or economic level.

From our sustainable development perspective, these sewing workshops will quickly provide long-term financial independence.

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