Building rural schools

Building schools in rural areas is essential. It meets the frequent demands of the local population whose concern is to improve literacy skills and education among children, youth, and even adults.

People are aware that a basic education offers them a brighter professional future.

Often built away from cities and villages, schools are difficult of access and thus it is necessary to:

  • find alternative energies for school lighting given that electricity is rarely available nearby.
  • make use of the situation to inform students about different types of renewable energies.
  • find funds for construction, equipment, supplies, and providing help for the school to run on its own in the long term.

Often in these areas, local communities do not have proper finding to build adequate schools.

Nordesta Reforestation & Education helps poor communities by funding the building construction and school supplies, and also by providing electricity powered by solar energy. Many villages have already benefited from the help of our foundation.

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