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Construction of schools in rural areas

People are aware that basic schooling gives them a better chance at a professional future.

Rural schools are, therefore, built in response to frequent requests from the local population, which is concerned about enabling literacy among their children, youths, and adults.

However, these schools are often incredibly difficult to access because they are built in remote areas far away from cities and villages. Thus, it is necessary to:

  • Find alternative energies for lighting because there is rarely electricity nearby.
  • Take advantage of this situation to sensitize the students to renewable energies.
  • Find funding for construction, development, and operation.

Municipalities rarely have a sufficient budget to build school buildings in these areas. Nordesta Reforestation and Education are therefore working to help municipalities in need to finance the construction of schools, equip them, and provide them with solar energy lighting. Many villages have already benefited from the association’s support.

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