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Quebrangulo, Alagoas

Reforestation Project

Saving the Pedra Talhada forest – straddled over the States of Alagoas and Pernambuco – has been Nordesta‘s priority since 1989, the year of our first vast reforestation operation. Our goal is to bring the forest out of its isolation by connecting it to other small forest massifs.

The banks of the rivers Paraïba and Carangueija, as well as the reservoir they supply (located above the village of Quebrangulo), have been urgently reforested.

We have two other big reforestation projects around the springs of the Rio Grande flowing south (Paraguay, Argentina) and of the Rio Parnaiba flowing north into the Atlantic Ocean (Maranhão, Piaui). These two rivers cover large hydric basins on which millions of men depend.

Finally, we have accepted the challenge of reforesting a region in danger of desertification in the municipality of Gilbués, State of Piaui.

Quebrangulo’s Swiss Forest

The Paraiba River originates in the State of Pernambuco and is, flowing through the center of Quebrangulo, State of Alagoas, where the riverbanks have been on the brink of collaps.  Had this happened, it would have caused a great disaster, distrupting the riverbed and threatening many houses and inhabitants.

Since the 1990s, we have installed a tree-nursery on the site and have started to plant trees in order to reforest this area..

The vegetation continues to grow steadily.  At present, there are forty-two different tree specicies, some with a diameter of twenty centimeters.  In addition to a rich diversity of trees, the forest now protects various birds like the goldfinch and the seven-colored tanager as well as other animals.

Today, a forest promenade has been established where visitors can walk through the forest, identify trees with the aide of educational and recreational signs or sit on the benches we built.

Due to the success of the project and the great efforts made by NORDESTA, the local population has refered to this forest as the “Swiss Forest“ ..

Forest corridors

In construction

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