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Lear’s Macaw

The Lear’s Macaw is the world’s most threatened parrot : it can only be found in a small region in the state of Bahia. Its numbers had fallen to less than 500 birds, virtually the brink of extinction. Thanks to an important protection plan, its population bounced to 750 in June 2008. Today, it seems that the population has now reached almost 1,000, an encouraging number though not yet enough to remove it from the list of endangered species.

As we did for the Hyacinth Macaw, we are setting up 3 bird nurseries and developing a protection plan for the native palm trees of the “Licuri” family, whose grains constitute most of the macaw’s nutrition.

In order to gain support from the local population, we have created a strategic plan that improves the villagers’ lives by remunerating those that plant trees and commit to taking care of them for at least four years.

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