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A future for the Hyacinth Macaw

The mountainous region called “Chapada das Mangabeiras”, located south of the Amazonian forest, is home to one of the biggest parrots in the world: the Hyacinth Macaw. Most of its species survives in this region.

However, this wonderful bird is becoming increasingly threatened, mainly because of the decrease of native palm trees whose fruits and pits constitute a major part of its daily diet. This forces the Hyacinth Macaw to look for nutritional replacements containing less oleaginous matter, thus diminishing its immune system and therefore accelerating the risk of its extinction.

Our project, designed to aid in the survival of these parrots, cannot function without the help of local farmers living in the region. We have thus created the survival program in collaboration with them.

Informing the local population and convincing it to collaborate extends the term of our project and increases the chances of seeing the number of Hyacinth Macaw rising. Our objective is to remove this bird from the “Red list of endangered species” established by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

Why protect the Hyacinth Macaw?

One reason is because it is the only animal capable of breaking the extremely hard nuts of native palm trees such as the “Naja”, thus assuring the survival of these trees.

Besides this “utilitarian” aspect, the Hyacinth Macaw must be protected because it plays an important role in biodiversity, which leads to the true richness of our planet.

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